Andrew B. Hammond came to Oregon in 1894 from Missoula and began an aggressive acquisition campaign, snapping up railroads and timber interests, including the Astoria and Columbia River Railroad. Hammond recognized that the salmon industry was over-capitalized and in 1899 began buying, organizing, and consolidating packing companies into the CRPA. His vision involved acquiring all the salmon canneries on the Columbia River, which would operate as one company. When the CRPA formed in 1899, it acquired the holdings of seven packing companies, for a total of 10 canneries. CRPA ultimately merged with Castle and Cooke, Inc., in 1961 and changed its name to Bumble Bee Seafoods. Bumble Bee had been a brand used by CRPA from its beginnings, at first used exclusively for bluebacks, or Columbia River sockeye salmon. Eventually as salmon runs diminished, and the company canned more tuna, Bumble Bee took on additional importance.